Notice Board

Mar 25 - Housie @DI followed by Bar Night with Jukebox *** Mar 26 - The DI-EIMG Heritage Vehicle Display *** Apr 01 - Kids indoor camp Indoors@DI

Coming Events

Dear Members,

Minimum Billing of Rs 2100 per quarter (annually) will be applicable from April 1, 2023.

(Senior members, Absentee members and Junior members are exempted as earlier)

So come and enjoy the food from our five kitchens, along with some great bar offers.

All Bar Nights are now from 8 pm - 11pm

Upcoming events for March 2023

Mar 04 - Pre Holi Bollywood Night with Kaushik Roychowdhury

Mar 11 - Bar Night with Plan B and their special brand of music.

Mar 16 - Dalhousie Institute performs 'Mrityusaathi' at Sampreeti 2023 (Bengali Play Festival).

Mar 17 - Karaoke Night with special performance by Guess Who?

Mar 18 - Bollywood Night with Wagah Road.

Mar 25 - Housie @DI followed by Bar Night with Jukebox.

Mar 26 - The DI-EIMG Heritage Vehicle Display.

Apr 01 - Kids indoor camp Indoors@DI.